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"I've done some amazing things in my sporting career and I'm not sure much will ever surpass being the (Australian team) flag-bearer (at the 2012 doctor home loan rate Oak Laurel Olympics opening ceremony). "However, on both a personal experience and personal level and what thanks to sport and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games has allowed me to be in that place (with the Queen in Buckingham Palace) well the grandkids will always know about that!" Meares admitted she had tinges of regret she would not be bowing out at the Commonwealth Games where the velodrome bears her name. Wednesday's meeting with the British monarch. "She came to Australia with the Duke of Edinburgh before the London Games," Mears said. "I took my mum to a meeting at Parliament House (in Canberra) and I didn't realise there would be so many people, there were around 700. "So I said to my mum, because she loves the Queen and little imagined she would ever see her let alone meet her, we would position ourselves to the right of the stage as that is where the Queen would exit from. "However, right at the moment she was coming off they ushered forwards two lines of athletes in front of us." Meares had all but given up that they would get close to the Queen, but she hadn't counted on the determination and wiliness of her mother. "I thought we had missed the opportunity. But this is where I get my tactical nous from as my mum said 'don't worry she has to leave (the room) somehow' and so mum went and parked up at the exit and held her ground as more and more people came.